International Resort

Property in Sahl Hasheesh

Its prime and highly accessible location on the Red Sea Coast is just a short flight from Cairo (under 1 hour), the Middle East, United Kingdom and other major European cities (2-4 hours).

This premier destination offers a host of exciting activities and opulent resorts nestled in a pristine and protected environment along the Sahl Hasheesh Bay. As a pioneering development for Egypt, the cornerstone of Sahl Hasheesh’s evolution has been sustainability.

At full build out, Sahl Hasheesh, with a land area approximately two-thirds the size of the island of Manhattan ― will stand as one of the most dynamic seaside communities in Egypt. We hope to see you walking along the shores of this enchanting community soon.

he pristine natural beauty of Sahl Hasheesh is unrivaled and is complemented by iconic landmarks and points of interest that are sure to be centers of commercial and social activity as Sahl Hasheesh continues to grow and diversify.

Sahl Hasheesh features a range of different attractions, from natural assets such as the beautiful unspoiled beaches; to leisure, entertainment and shopping venues. All are designed to sustain a dynamic and lively community and perfect resort lifestyle.

The Arrivals Piazza is one of the jewels of Sahl Hasheesh. With shimmering fountains, gorgeous pavilions and fantastic views; the Piazza is usually the first point of Arrivals for visitors to Sahl Hasheesh and is a great place to gauge the community’s special atmosphere.

In recent times, the Arrivals Piazza has hosted many of the community’s parties and events; accommodating up to 15,000 standing guests and 2,500 seated guests. This beautifully designed, ‘arabesque’ inspired space is suitable for hosting a range of different social gatherings and year-round events.

At the beating heart of the Sahl Hasheesh community, is the beautifully situated Old Town. This ‘up and coming’ precinct is located along the north eastern headland of Sahl Hasheesh, and features a whole host of international and locally branded shopping outlets, as well as a range of other attractions.

Several retailers are now well established, taking the opportunity to gain an early foothold within this emerging shopping district. Many more shall open their doors in the near future, creating further diversity and choice for shoppers. For a list of retail outlets within the Old Town, simply Click Here.

With al-fresco dining opportunities to sit and witness the beauty of Sahl Hasheesh bay, as well as a range of lifestyle and convenience shops, the Old Town is designed to cater for your every need.


Beginning at the shoreline of the Old Town and stretching out over the Bay, the Pier is a stately boardwalk measuring almost 490 meters in length. Wide and elegant in form, the Pier allows pedestrians to take a leisurely stroll over the water and admire the beauty of the coastline and community, examine the ruins of the nearby ‘Sunken City’, or experience an unforgettable burnt orange sunset from a highly unique perspective.



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